ADSS TECHNOLOGY for tomorrow’s future

ADSS technology is based on immersive XR for creating a computerised representation of objects, spaces, events, with real-time interaction provided through multiple sensory channels and AI. The technology is a situational awareness system with a fit-for-purpose visual display, through a high-speed user interface with real-time malfunction identification which will enable just-in-time human intervention for detection and repair.  We intend to be first to market with a service which enables industry users to improve safety, to operate more effectively and maximise machine performance.

Although initially focused on the space sector, the ADSS technology offers multiple spin-offs for earth-based industries such as aviation, maritime, vehicle manufactures, etc. The leading-edge SA (Situational Awareness) display monitoring system that we have developed would be especially applicable for maintaining real-time visual representation of fast-changing situation type of environment and of particular value to personnel that are present on-the-ground at emergency incidents.

There are many situations that would greatly benefit from individual users having access to both static and real-time information while on the move and away from their central hubs. Collaboration in a shared operating environment would be possible between people geographically separated. An entire control room can be placed within a device small enough for our body-worn technology.

Real Time remote monitoring for system maintenance and especially security purposes is pushing the demand for data ever further, and while we are able to build ever higher speed networks to meet these new requirements, the technology that is ultimately used to digest and display this vast quantity of data has remained relatively static for many years.

During fast developing events it is vital that “information overload” does not lead to tunnelling of attention and diminishing returns of awareness and ultimately loss of the overall ‘big picture’. Likewise, during periods of low activity, it is essential to remain diligent to small incidents and correct them before they develop. The ADSS system has been explicitly developed to meet both these highly demanding challenges.  

ADSS TECHNOLOGY LTD. is a spin-out company from the ADSS project funded by national SPRINT programme, University of Surrey and Intelcomm UK Ltd, with the support of FAIR-SPACE (Future AI and Robotics for Space) Hub.